Why Did Dana Dirr Have to Die?

Last year, Esther, the mother of the boy whose pictures Emily Dirr stole to use as “Eli Dirr,” privatized her Flickr account.  Unknowingly, this put the first nail in the coffin of Dana Dirr and probably Eli too.

On January 25th, Esther received a notification from Flickr that someone had added her as a contact.  She never noticed the connection request.  The profile used a yellow pediatric cancer awareness ribbon as an avatar and talked about a son’s battle with recurring cancer.


After the Warrior Eli hoax was revealed, Esther finally noticed the request but didn’t note the date.  She looked at the pictures associated with the account, recognized a couple of the “Dirr kids” and figured it was a parent who had also had their children’s picture’s used by Emily to illustrate the Warrior Eli saga.  Tonight, when our Facebook group was trying to identify the kids involved, Esther shared the Flickr profile.  I read it and immediately knew it was another sock puppet created by Emily Dirr.

Julia was a character in the tale of JS Dirr.  She was the biological mother of Eli, Dougie and their half brother Kyle.  JS had gained custody of the boys (as was his custom) but Julia King was still a member of the Ex Girlfriends of JS Dirr Facebook group.

When Esther didn’t add “Julia_KDE” to her Flickr contacts, Emily no longer had any access to new pictures of Eli or of Dana.  She stole a few pictures from Esther’s Facebook profile, but not enough to maintain her lies.  She had no choice but to kill off Dana and have Eli relapse, a grim future ahead of him.

Many people have pondered that Emily killed off Dana because on some level she wanted to be caught.  The hoax had taken over her life and ending the life of a main character on Mother’s Day showed desperation.  Now it’s obvious the only reason Dana (and maybe Eli) had to die was because there would be no more pictures of either of them.

As a side note, check out some of the pictures from other Flickr users that “Julia” had marked as her favorites.


Look familiar?


Other favorites might be a preview of coming attractions for the Dirr family, if Emily hadn’t been exposed.

There’s a huge display of cancer medications, an MRI of a brain tumor (which lucky loved one was fated to have that?), and some close up pictures of the back of a couple of little boys’ heads, perfect to serve as generic pictures of some of JS’ tribe.

She also favorited a picture of a dead child’s toy, encased in glass and preserved with flowers that had been displayed on a little boy’s coffin.  It was a memorial the family had made to remember their son.  Eli’s future, perhaps?

If Esther hadn’t decided to make her pictures private, Emily might never have killed off any characters and this whole mess might never have been exposed.

16 thoughts on “Why Did Dana Dirr Have to Die?”

  1. I find it funny that the town says bellington washington, but there is no bellington instead a bellingham wa where a good friend of mine lives and I even looked up the bellington and it surely doesnt come back to anything. LOL

  2. Also… slightly unrelated to the actual topic, but more philosophical (and probably based on my having been awake for roughly 31 hours now): doesn’t this feel like the butterfly effect? Esther does one simple action – make her account private – and it disrupts someone’s stability and ultimately leads to this. Even if we personalize it. I could go my whole life never knowing who Taryn is (or that Puryear nutjob) – except that Esther made her account private one day. That’s bizzare. And I probably sound like I’m tripping on something very strong, but I swear I’m not. Just a few more hours and I can go to sleep!

  3. The “lucky loved one fated to have that” brain tumour, but in (very) real life, is my son. The scan picture in question I have now made private – having come across this blog and its depressing story by tracking unusual activity on my Flickr page. He’s doing fine by the way.

    1. Oh I am so sorry. I wasn’t referring to your son as the “lucky loved one.” I figured Emily Dirr had saved the picture to use to pretend one of her pretend people had a brain tumor. I didn’t mean to make light of your son’s situation at all. I’m so happy he is doing well and I’m sorry to have involved you in this. I’ll remove the link to the picture.

  4. No problem at all – I understood your reference and wasn’t taking it personally. It’s the story that’s depressing, not the telling of it…

  5. “Julia KDE” is some type of computer program or something. This is the second time that I have seen Emily’s story connect to technology (in an abstract way). The first was some association to a gaming community. I know that, that probably means nothing, but I just thought I’d throw it out there.

      1. I don’t doubt that you are right. I just wanted to throw it out there, since she grabbed JS from the Canadian hockey player Jean Sebastien. I just figured, the more connections we could make with her, maybe the more could be found.

  6. JS was short for Johnny and Sammy — the twins, one of whom was killed when they were 17 or 18. He used it as a way to honour his dead twin as an adult.
    That is the story behind that, anyway — I could put quotation marks around the his and the names but there would be way too many in that wholse sentence, LOL, and I think it might confuse things. I don’t know how many people around this blog or the other place “knew them” at all apart from the thing going viral on Mother’s Day, but I had been around for a few years, so some of these old things I could probably answer, maybe not many, but the JS I knew.

      1. JS told me that it was short for Johnny Sebastian, but he hated his name so he went by JS. i guess he told different stories.

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