Is Justis Kerry Missing?

It’s a terrifying story.  A twelve year old in Louisiana has been missing for four days after disappearing in his middle school uniform.  His mom, miles away, is understandably upset and shares his picture on Facebook.  The post went viral as people passed along the information.  Who doesn’t want to bring a missing child back home to his family?


I talked to several different police departments in the area and they assured me there is no missing boy named Justis Kerry.  This is a hoax.

EDIT: Jessica has deleted the original post.

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  1. Is that poor young boy really her child, or a photo of somebody elses? This makes me feel physically sick… People that do things like this need serious monitoring if they have their own children.

  2. This is one of our clients. This really is the picture of Justis. But he does not weigh 134 pounds. He weighs more like 80 pounds

    1. no, he’s not. Apparently from what I understand, and correct me if I’m wrong admins, the boy is real and is really named Justin Jones but he is not missing.

  3. his name is justis kerry-his dad obtained custody of him by falsifying information and yes i was called by a police officer-or so i thought was an officer and told he was missing and the information that i posted was what i told people here. i hae been trying for weeks to talk to him and after i received that call i did what i thought was necessary to help authorites find my son who i was told was missing.before you try to make me look like a lier maybe as a journalist you should do your work because my phone records cant lie!

    1. I didn’t call you a liar. I just let the thousands of people who had shared his story on Facebook know that he wasn’t missing. And I’m very glad he isn’t! Best of luck to you and your family.

  4. If you believed your son was missing, where is the police report? Where are the fliers from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children? You really thought posting it on Facebook was the way to handle a missing 12-year-old? I don’t buy it.

    1. you dont have to by it, i know the truth, my phone records show the proof, and yes i and other family went to several social networking sites to spread the word and as for police reports there are many dating back over four years when his dad first ran off with him.

  5. Where are the missing persons police reports? You are his mother, you thought he was missing and you didn’t have any official contact that included a case number or copy of a police report?

  6. This is so wrong what you are doing to this poor woman… you all should be ashamed of yourselves You dont know whats been going on, or the crap that she has been put through by this man. It was just another cruel joke he wanted to play on her, you should not be knocking her for doing what she could to help find her baby. . Are you telling me that you wouldnt do everything you could? She loves her son just like any mother would. Whats being done to her is just wrong, and you all helping his cause trying to keep her son away from her is just wrong. You all should be very ashamed of yourselves, and I truly hope one day you all get what you deserve for pulling this shit.

  7. I don’t understand where anonymous is coming from. This is a blog dedicated to pointing out untrue stories posted online. It is untrue that this child was a missing person. I don’t see a personal attack here.

  8. the personal attack was the fact that his father did this to the mother… hes trying to make her look bad because they are in an on-going custody battle. Then afterwords went and contacted these ppl to post his little story. She tried for 2 weeks before she got that phone call to contact the father and son, so she could talk to her son. And then she gets a call about him missing.. so what would you think? Not every person that post’s something doing it to scam some one or get attention, a lot of the times they truly believe it.. She did not start the rumor that her son was missing. So why bash her on her saying that she is giving false stories. WHen it was not her that started the report. If anything you need to look more into the person that leaked this story and ask him why hes playing such childish games……….

  9. Then why not tell the thousands of people who shared the picture and cared about the well-being of this boy that it was just a stunt pulled by his father? Instead of just deleting the post and looking guilty. Why leave it for Taryn and the group to tell everyone?

    1. you must of not seen that post then huh?? Cause I did and commented to it…. Maybe she deleted it for a didnt reason, or maybe you just dont have access to see her page. Maybe saying it was deleted was just another pilot to make her look bad once again. Everyone is so quick to jump on a band wagon that no one really stops to think about all the facts first or what really happened. that is whats wrong with this world, no one stops to think.

    2. In case u haven’t noticed i did, n i cant personally go tell it to everyone who help share it that’sy i posted the tfuth n i made my comment public for all to see thank u.

      1. No it deletes the shares off of her page.. not the ppl who shared ppls who shared other ppls…. I just saw it a min ago which is why I googled it…

        1. I mean any share that originated from her own. When you share an already shared photo, you’re sharing the original. Unless someone saved it and uploaded it fresh from their own computer, all the shares should be hers.

  10. Weather you want to see it or not.. Truth is you all got played for a fool, and bought right in to it. You dont stop to think of what a sick mind it takes to do something that this guy did. You want to believe she made up the story cause its easier for you to believe. Cause we all know men dont have mental issues, they arent capable of playing such a dirty game like this…. yeah ok….

    1. You’re so adamant about Jessica’s role in this that you must be a friend that knows her and the child’s father personally. If not, then you probably haven’t read through this blog to see what some people on the internet are capable of doing and why everyone here finds it hard to believe that the child’s mother would post something like that on FB without verifying the information.

      Everything you’ve said can be used to describe either side of this story. Jessica says in her comment that “his dad obtained custody of him by falsifying information” and she’s obviously angry with the child’s father. What better way to get back at him than saying the child is missing and posting it in a world-wide social media, insinuating to everyone that sees it (possibly co-workers and neighbors) that the father is irresponsible? I’m not saying that’s what happened but think for just a minute. If it was your child and you supposedly get a call from a police officer saying your child is missing and you feel the child’s father has “mental issues”, wouldn’t you call the local police department or a Missing Children’s organization where the child lives to file your own report and have it verified? If it were MY child and I had misgivings about the care he receives from his father, you can bet I’d even call the FBI to find my child. And unless a court order says I’m not allowed to speak to my son, if I try to call him and can’t get in touch with him after a few days, I’d call the police myself to report him missing.


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