Emily is Strong and Save Rose

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Little Emily Nolan, almost three years old, was diagnosed with leukemia on April 16. Her desperate mother turned to Facebook to raise money for Emily’s treatments, and of course to request gifts from generous readers, like a video game system and handmade blankets for poor Emily.  They also made a twitter account and started soliciting celebrities to support their little one.

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Emily’s family made a GoFundMe site to raise money for her treatments.  Although Emily and her mother live in Memphis, the home of St. Jude’s, one of the best hospitals for pediatric oncology, Emily must travel to Ohio for her treatment.

Here, Emily’s worried mom, Antranette Marie Nolan, posted all the blood Emily would have to receive in a few days of treatment.

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Of course, that’s a stock photo and there is no Emily Nolan.  Her mom, Antranette Marie Nolan, is a real person, though.  She’s 21 and has been trying to raise money online for a few years now.

Meet Rose.

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Rose, the daughter of Nevin and Antronette Nolen, has a brain stem tumor diagnosed just before Christmas, and the family needs money for her treatment.  The text of Rose’s donation site was taken from a fundraiser for a real family with a sick toddler.

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I like the nice touch of copying and pasting the Bible quote the other family included.

Antranette has also claimed to be a member of the 2016 Olympic gymnast team.

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She started a fundraiser to “stop the violence” over two years ago as well.

Antranette’s mother died in March of breast cancer.  That story is true, as we found an obituary for her.  There’s no mention of Antranette’s daughters Rose or Emily, however.

Antranette, please contact us at warriorelihoax@gmail.com.  We’d like to help you find help and resources aside from making up fake children online and using the stories to raise money.

Our friends in the childhood cancer support community basically did all the work with this one!  It’s great to see how many people are spotting hoaxers now.  

17 thoughts on “Emily is Strong and Save Rose”

    1. Old fuzzy photos are usually the mark of someone photographing an old shot because they don’t have a scanner.

      1. When my princess was born premature, she got a transfusion of less than an ounce. That amount of blood is mind boggling… and then to have it be a stock photo. Lol. Just lol!

  1. On her ‘Save Rose’ fundraiser page, she has also copy pasted a comment where she hasn’t even bothered changing the name of the real sick little girl, Natalija, to Rose. Or the husband’s name, Kevin, to Nevin.

  2. Our warrior Logan passed away in October, and I have been unable to return to work yet. We are really struggling, so maybe I should start a fake fundraiser site so I can sit home instead of working…. so pitiful that these people take a story that is so hard to live and try to capitalize on it. Really having a child fight cancer, win or lose, is so horrible I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. If they only understood…

  3. Sorry but this made me laugh, that stock photo is a dead giveaway, I mean, you have to be pretty new to the Internet to not realize that,

  4. I agree with Jenelle. People tend to cope with loss differently than others and if this woman is telling the truth, she has lost a lot of people who were close to her to cancer. As someone who has dealt with many losses (like a lot of people on here) it’s devastating. I hope this woman finds the help she needs so this behavior and crave of attention stops.


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