Help Save a Life: Jason Taylor Martinez and Julian Baker

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Jason Martinez has really had terrible luck in the health department.  At 34, he’s been battling cancer for at least five years.  It started with cancer in his stomach, but now he’s absolutely riddled with it throughout his body.  He and his husband, Julian Baker Martinez, have turned to the internet to help raise money for the many expenses that have cropped up during Jason’s cancer journey.

Here’s the intro post that Julian wrote with details about Jason’s illness.

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Aside from their GoFundMe page, Jason and Julian have a Facebook group dedicated to drawing attention to their plight.  It has almost 7000 members and consists mostly of links to the GoFundMe site and sad updates about Jason’s many struggles.

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The couple is also attempting to raise money to buy a car to take Jason back and forth for treatments.  They’re also hoping to use that car to move to California, where Medicaid covers a greater portion of the expenses for cancer treatment.

Aside from his tumors, bone cancer, heart issues and seizures, Jason also has breathing issues and has to wear a cannula in his nose at all times in order to prevent his lungs from collapsing.

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Fullscreen capture 1112015 53604 PMJason also suffers from a painful condition due to medical negligence.  Staples were left in his stomach during surgery to remove tumors ten years ago.  Now, these staples have rusted and are working their way out of his body.  Because of this, Jason suffers from rusty blood and is on dialysis once a month.

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Then, in September, Jason contracted pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized.  He was in very bad shape.  One doctor told him that if he didn’t go to the hospital, he’d be looking at his death bed.

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Jason claims to be on Medicaid in Alabama.  He says that one of the reasons his cancer has progressed to stage four is because the hospital where he receives treatment won’t do chemotherapy unless he can pay co-pays each time he goes in for chemo.






According to the Medicaid website for Alabama, there are some small co-pays for doctor visits.  However, there are absolutely no co-pays for chemotherapy appointments.

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The rusty blood ailment that Jason claims to suffer from is also rather mysterious.  Staples that are used during surgery are titanium.  They don’t rust.  Even if they did, the amount of rust that could possibly have entered his bloodstream would be very unlikely to cause damage that would warrant dialysis.  I did a search for medical malpractice claims involving rusting internal surgical staples and came up empty.

Jason claims that he needs dialysis once a month for treatment for his rusty blood.  He says the co-pays for this treatment are $25o a month.  As you can see from the screen shot from the Alabama Medicaid site, there are no co-pays for a Medicaid patient undergoing dialysis in that state.


For someone who is on 24/7 oxygen, supposedly to combat collapsing lungs, Jason also posts pictures where he’s out and about without his cannula.  Jason and Julian have befriended a woman from Germany who has embraced their cause.  She’s made many, many collages of pictures of the two of them, and only a very small number of pictures, most taken on the same day, show Jason with a cannula in his nose.

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Jason and Julian call themselves a married couple but have admitted on Facebook that they’re not actually legally wed.  They use several different names:  Jason Dulworth, Jason Taylor, and Jason Martinez and Julian Baker, Julian Baker Martinez, and Alton Julian Baker.  Both Jason and Julian have arrest records, one for a minor theft and one for passing a bad check.

After researching this GoFundMe fundraiser, which has raised almost $2000 for the couple, I have some major questions for Jason and Julian.

If anyone has interacted with this couple or donated to Jason’s cancer fundraiser, please contact me at

Special thanks to J.T., a friend who is an EMT-P, for his help with some of the medical aspects of this post.  Also, thank you to Alison Arngrim for research assistance, and to the wonderful anonymous ladies who help get to the bottom of these things.  

Gigantic thanks, as always, to Diana Almanza, Google expert and incredible friend, for her invaluable research and help.

17 thoughts on “Help Save a Life: Jason Taylor Martinez and Julian Baker”

  1. I was on Medicaid when I had cancer. I paid nothing for anything. It’s a federal program, so the states can’t just do whatever they want and hospitals have to be compliant as well.
    So yeah, they are scamming.

    1. Totally agree. I understand the additional costs of not working and general utility bills, but c’mon. You have to live under a rock to not know something is up with this.

  2. I get everyone with a cancer diagnosis don’t have a ‘sick’ look, but considering he has many tumors, heart and breathing problems, and went through pneumonia, he looks remarkably well. Why no oxygen at the hospital when he’s supposed to have a cannula on him? Lets say even if he skipped home use here and there, a hospital doesnt fool around. I like that his oxygen was at 99, though. I also highly doubt he has a 105 fever. Also, Rusty Blood is a new one to me. Sounds like a comic book villain.

    I see he also wrote on the gofundme that he’s ‘sad’ people think he’s faking ywt claims he has rusty orange blood he gets dialysis for. Because of staples. I…alright.

  3. What is also laughable is that those little cannulas don’t have enough air pressure to prevent one lung, let alone TWO, from collapsing! They’re just a little extra “breeze” to what you already suck in from your diaphragm moving.
    And “rusty blood” ??? Umm… technically, the chemical/molecular/atomic reaction & process of the oxygen attaching to the iron molecules on each red blood cell as it passes through the lungs** IS the exact same as a chunk of iron rusting … so I guess, *technically* the claim of his blood “rusting” isn’t entirely false LOL (**I learned that in Chem 10, btw)
    I hope that these two go to jail. It s utterly DEPLORABLE of them to be doing this. It is theft as far as I am concerned.
    I kinda have to wonder though — is the woman in Germany real? I’m thinking it might be one of those special “Dirr-type” backup people/profiles made in order to make the story look more real, as though there are however-many people interacting with each other??? Food for thought.

  4. Lol, apparently, he’s getting his lawyers and a private investigator to come for you. I hope he actually goes through with it. The only thing they could hit you for is slander, which won’t work out in their favor. In order to win a slander suit against you, they would have to prove that you are knowingly making false claims, which, is nearly impossible. Secondly, they have to prove you are making false claims by proving all of their claims. As soon as they file suit, the court is going to investigate both parties, which means the court will find out that they’re lying and committing fraud.

    I currently follow their Facebook page. I went to high school with one of them (not stating who as i’m sure they check up on this page and would probably be able to figure out who I am) and I can say that at first I believed him because this was never the type of thing he would do. But even before seeing this page, there were a lot of red flags going up for me. And then when I came across this page, I lost all belief in them. I keep following hoping to see someone post that they’ve been busted for fraud. Fingers crossed. PLEASE keep us updated and any new information you may have.

  5. What I find amusing is that Julian seems to believe that the more profanity he uses in his comments, the more convincing he appears. It actually has the reverse effect and creates a strong image of an immature child protesting. If he spent a third of the energy he expends showing some evidence that Jason is ACTUALLY sick instead of bashing everyone, he would come across slightly more believable!

  6. Soooooo “rusty” blood was going through his heart and not instantly killing him? Alrighty.

    Why didn’t he look up and smile bravely from his bed?

  7. The “best” part of this is how as they get more exposed he’s NOT giving up. As said above just adding more profanity and more excuses. I’m in awe about how he really seems to believe he can dig his way out of this.

  8. THANK YOU for exposing these frauds. I stayed on their Facebook group page and as FB friends until today. I messaged all the mutual friends that they had “friend harvested” and told them of this. It’s a really perverse psychology that lets someone prey on peoples’ emotions like these guys did. I hope the Alabama law enforcement people get them. I’ve reported their Facebook group as well.

  9. This is literally hilarious, you don’t have to be a medical professional to see through this farce! I feel bad for the people who are dumb enough to buy into this, these boys don’t even have the courtesy to spell or use grammar correctly. ‘Chemotherapie’ my butt. That masked hospital picture is hilarious too I wonder what story they made up to get seen in the he is clearly on a cart and not a hospital bed I imagine he wasn’t actually ever admitted. Nice work!

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