Ines Rocha/Mary Amorim


Ines Rocha’s mother died in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.  As if that wasn’t terrible enough, ever since then, her life has been filled with one devastating tragedy after another.

Her daughter Leah died of cancer last year.


Another daughter, Kai, passed away from severe burns.


Two of her other children, Maddy and Ally, are fighting cancer.

Fullscreen capture 11162015 14911 PM



Maddie also nearly died after being bitten by a copperhead.

12096222_1475550226084939_1226428229746025057_n (1)

As if all of this wasn’t enough, one terrible night, Ines left her son, Andres, alone with her boyfriend while she was staying at the hospital with Ally.  The boyfriend threw three year old Andres into a piece of furniture.  The little boy died.

Fullscreen capture 11112015 75201 PM


Fullscreen capture 11112015 75246 PM


Ines also has a son, Ruben, who has ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome.





To top it off, the father of her children also unexpectedly passed away at a young age.




Ines has a few other children who pop up in her Facebook and blog sites occasionally.  One is Bianca, a little girl recovering from injuries suffered from child abuse committed by her father’s girlfriend.


Another is Rodrigo, a cute little boy who is battling leukemia.


So yeah, Ines Rocha, also known as Mary Amorim, Maria Amori, Mary Kirsch, Mary Rocha, Ines Noche, Nocas Rocha, Ines Amorim Rocha, and Mary Dawson, has some issues with telling the truth, to put it mildly.

Let’s start at the beginning of her story.  Ines Rocha claims that her mother died in the Twin Towers on 9/11.  I searched the list of victims from that day.  There were no women killed in the World Trade Center with the last name Rocha, Amorim, or Amori.  Ines has posted this picture on her Facebook as a memorial to her mother.

10636224_573574882748652_1210279786042552382_n (1)

The rose is placed on the name of Danielle Kousoulis, a 29-year-old Cantor Fitzgerald employee who was killed when the towers collapsed.  Danielle didn’t have any children, let alone an adult child named Mary or Ines or Maria.

In October of 2001, Ines met Ruth Kirsch from Elkhart, Indiana in a chat room online.  Moved by Ines’ tragic story, Ruth and her husband, Jeffrey Kirsch, invited Ines to move to Indiana and live with them for several years.  Jeffrey suffered from Multiple System Atrophy, a rare neurodegenerative disorder.  He died in 2012.  Ines, or Mary Amorim, as she called herself when she lived in Indiana, wasn’t listed in his obituary, although Ruth and Ines both say that Ines was adopted, unofficially, by the couple before Jeffrey’s death.

In 2015, Ruth and Ines posted a memorial to Jeffrey on an MSA awareness website.

Fullscreen capture 11162015 20446 PMAs you can see, some of the children Ines/Mary claimed to have are listed in this memorial.  Other children that she claimed had died aren’t named, and a few new names have been thrown in for good measure.

More on Ruth Kirsch and Ines/Mary in a bit.

As you probably have figured out by now, none of the children whose pictures Ines/Mary posted are actually her kids.

Maddie is actually a little girl named Madison Pagel who lives in Michigan and is fighting Choroid Plexus Carcinoma.

Ally is Aliyah Kastrat, a six-year-old from Arizona who has osteosarcoma.  Her father, alive and well, is the man in the pictures that Ines is claiming is her dead boyfriend.

Bianca is really Charlotte Kauley.  Charlotte was beaten by her father’s wife while on a visit.  She suffered a fractured skull that left her paralyzed on one side of her body.  Lisa Botone was found guilty of felony child abuse in September.

So if it’s really obvious that Ines/Mary is stealing pictures of these kids and claiming them as her own, why don’t the parents confront her about this?  Well, they’ve tried, and the level of vitriol that Ines has spat back at them is disturbing.


That was sent to Beth Marsh, Charlotte’s mother, after Beth confronted Ines about stealing her daughter’s pictures.

Another mom got a message calling the mom a monster and saying that her daughter is sick because she’s paying for the mother that she has.

In this message, Ines/Mary calls a sick child an “uggly monster” and wishes her a painful and slow death.

Fullscreen capture 11182015 124036 AM

Additionally, Ines took to Facebook and posted that Aliyah Kastrat’s mom was stalking her and stealing her pictures and claiming they were her daughter.

12065601_441777139346169_1290988788038919080_n (1)

Aliyah’s mom even went to her local media to get the word out about what was happening to her family.

Charlotte’s mom went into every Facebook group that Ines belonged to and posted about Ines stealing pictures and claiming the children as her own.

Fullscreen capture 11172015 122210 PM

Amy Baldwin, a childhood cancer advocate, posted a blog entry about Ines/Mary last August, calling her out on stealing pictures and using them as her own.  Amy recognized the picture of Ines’ daughter Leah on her deathbed as the picture of a little girl named Kylie who had recently died.  Ines had posted pictures of “Leah” in a coffin at her wake.  These ended up being pictures of a little girl named Deirdre who was buried in Puerto Rico in 2012.

Before 2014, the pictures that Ines posted of herself with “her kids” were pretty obviously Photoshopped.


Then, she started posting pictures of herself with a little boy who was going through chemotherapy.


Beth Marsh managed to find the real mom of the little guy pictured with Ines.  His name is Rodrigo and he lives in Portugal with his mom, Silvia.  Rodrigo has leukemia.  Last December, Silvia was contacted on Facebook by Ines Rocha.  Ines claimed to be the manager of a home and that the employees there had raised money to buy toys for kids with cancer.  Silvia met with Ines several times, allowing her to take pictures with Rodrigo.  This continued until May of 2015, when Silvia got a Facebook message from Beth Marsh and was horrified to see that Ines was not only claiming to be Rodrigo’s mother on Facebook but that she was also saying Rodrigo had died.


Silvia immediately went to the police station in Penafiel, Portugal and made a report about Ines.  She had Ines’ place of work and her contact numbers, and she has followed up with the police several times since then.

So what about Ruth, Ines/Mary’s “adopted” mother in Indiana?  We talked on Sunday evening.  From what I can tell, Ruth is very lonely and she’s believed Ines’ stories since 2001. She claims to have seen Ines with a child who looked like Ally on her lap on Skype.  She said that Ines has traveled a lot and that some of the children aren’t her actual biological children but rather children she helped raise.  That’s obviously not true.  Ines visited Ruth earlier this year, but returned to Portugal after a few weeks.

Ruth’s life has been affected negatively due to Ines’ stories.  People are convinced that Ruth and Ines are working together on stealing pictures.  Ines posts on Facebook that Ruth is her children’s Nana.  Ruth implied she just went along with it.  Ruth’s biological daughter is listed in Jeffrey Kirsch’s obituary, leading many to assume that Ines Rocha is a pseudonym and that Ruth’s real daughter is the person behind these hoaxes.  This is not true.  I spoke with Ruth’s biological daughter and she knows nothing about this.  She’s lost job opportunities after being dragged into this mess.  She’s definitely not the mastermind.

Ruth also told me that she “adopted” Ines’ younger sisters, twins named Zina and Juli.  She’s never met them in real life, but she’s friends with them on Facebook.  Ruth is struggling financially and is planning on moving from Indiana to Rhode Island.  Juli messaged Ruth and told her that she’d help her move.  At the very last minute, something came up and Juli had to cancel.

For the record, I can’t find any records of twins named Juli and Zina being daughters of any September 11th victims either.

Ruth and I made plans to meet for lunch on Monday.  Overnight, I received this message from Ines.


Ruth sent me a message wishing me a happy life.  She cancelled our lunch date and politely requested that I not contact her again.

Hopefully Ines Rocha will face some sort of consequences in Portugal over this mess.


This entry was a team effort. A group of ladies who are aligned with the childhood cancer community have been keeping track of Ines’ lies online for over a year. Their research was critical to this blog entry. Special thanks to Amy Baldwin for the blog entry she wrote exposing Ines last year.

Beth Marsh, Charlotte’s mom, has been getting the word out about Ines Rocha with a vengeance. I wouldn’t want  to be on her bad side! Silvia Carvalho, Rodrigo’s mom, was instrumental in establishing Ines’ location in Portugal.

Thank you to Tania Dmytraczenko for translating Portuguese to English for me, and to my high school English teacher David Schmittgens for introducing us. Thanks also to my friend Bob Guillen for his translation help.

Finally, credit for so much of this research goes again to Diana Almanza, superstar.  Thanks to JT for his help as well.

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  1. I tried to friend her, but to no avail. I have two sons who are neuro-oncology patients at CHOP and a daughter who is a CNA and going to school to be a pediatric oncology Nurse. I thought that would make her want to be friends, but no. She makes you not want to trust anyone ever again.

  2. I have talked to this monster and very soon after our conversations realized that she was a phony. She was taking pictures off of the internet and passing them off as her own. A quick google image search proved what I thought was going on. She is an absolute monster!!!!! Do not let this woman around your children, do not exchange messages with her, and do not believe a word she says!!!!!

  3. Mrs Harper…bitch. This is a lawyer and I am going yo hunt you until you leave this family alone. Police and FBI ALREADY KNOW YOU ARE A LIAR AND A HOAX. You are a monster and we will destroy. You mess with the wrong person bitch

      1. Real lawyers very often reply to blog posts with “This is a lawyer” and end with “You mess with the wrong person bitch.”

        I’d be very afraid, Taryn. 😉

      2. We will find you Mary or whatever your name is. Thank you for spreading the word about this. Hahaha she thinks we are all dumb. Lawyers really don’t talk like that lol.

      3. FBI knows it too! The FBI just so happens to know an Internet blogger who I’ve personally only been introduced to today in social media, is a hoax. Wish they sent me that press release…

        1. What you all want to know about this person ? I know it all !! i just see in the news. that poor girl lives near me !

    1. Oh. Wow. I think a real lawyer would know how to spell and use correct grammar. Also, for obvious reasons, definitely not address some one by calling them a bitch. Try again.

    2. Ines… I mean… Dani… This isn’t how lawyers talk or act. And a lawyer, a random person, not connected to this article, wouldn’t care enough to lash out in the way that you have.
      I thought you were a better fraud than this. You give yourself away much too easily.

  4. Take it and love it bitch! You deserve everything that’s coming to you. You are pathetic as hell. I’ve told you over and over you are going down. We won’t stop until you are in chains or a straight jacket! Have a nice day psycho!

  5. TARYN,





    1. Ruth, I’m not accusing you of not having Mary in the obituary as anything other than an oversight. I know you loved your husband, and I know you care about Ines very much, but Ruth, she’s done some things that have hurt a lot of people. She needs to stop.

    2. I pray you will be able to open your eyes to the lies and hateful deceit. Ines is a fraud, plain and simple. All of these children are real and hurt or dead. She deliberately searched us out in order to use and exploit us for her twisted fantasy world.

    3. She is a fraud. All “her” children are sick (that is true, they have been sick/hurt)? Then “their father” just dies? This is a scam. “Mary” needs serious help.

    4. I know this is a lot right now. But please understand -these people were women who are the real mothers. They know their own children when they see them, and have proof. They’re frustrated because their pictures are being stolen and used for fake stories, and Inez is the one hurting people-not this blog. There is nothing okay with stealing photos and lying that they are your children and that they are dying or sick, then turning around and saying horrible things to the real mothers when they ask about what’s happening. I know you are upset, it’s okay to be, but right now there are several woman hurt and angry by what’s happened.

    5. Ruth,
      I’m praying for your eyes to be opened and for your safety. I really am worried for you. I don’t think anyone reading this sees you as anything but a kindhearted, loving woman. I hate you’re being tricked like this. No one should have to watermark pictures to stop fraudsters and scammers from stealing them. Also, why does she attack these poor parents so viciously when they simply ask her to remove their photos and stop stealing them? These parents of terminally ill, deceased and very sick children don’t deserve this and you know that. You know it’s wrong and not something a sane person does. This woman has deceived you and I know that must hurt your heart first, then your pride. She’s been caught red-handed over and over. She’s sick. Help Ines/Mary (Dani?) by facing the truth and ending these charades for good. She’s already been outed very publicly by mulitple sources.

    6. Why should parents have to watermark pictures of their own children to keep them safe from your daughter??? Perhaps she should stop taking pictures and passing them off as her own.

      1. Ruth where do you get off saying that if a parent doesn’t want your morally depraved daughter to use pics of their children for her sick lies that they should just watermark them? Them posting personal pictures on their personal accounts isn’t the problem; your twisted daughter is.

        Seriously, the logic you are using would be like if you told a victim of a drunk driver that if they didn’t want to be hit by someone drunk driving then they should just not drive a car.

        I’m sorry if this is out of line Taryn, but I have NO sympathy for Ruth. She can’t just make excuses for her daughter’s evil actions.

        1. I feel a lot of sympathy for Ruth because I believe she’s been lied to for 15 years by someone who she considers a daughter. I think that’d be hard for anyone to accept.

          1. Ruth has indeed been horribly deceived by mary/ines. I’m a very close friend to Ruth and recognize mary for what she really is, a liar and a con. She has hurt ruth in so many ways and is a victim in this too. Mary has committed financial abuse, leaving ruth without food, electricity, and basic essentials because of so many lies. She just doesn’t want to believe someone would do something so horrible to her. Undoing 15 years of lies and brainwashing by mary cannot be undone in a short time.

    7. Lucas who apparently died is my cousin he is ALIVE AND WELL!!! Ally’s real father. Ally’s REAL mother made a video online where Ally says out loud on video who her real mother is. Her mother is watermarking pictures so this monster cannot get any more recent photos. I am sorry you have been decieved Ruth. But please open your eyes. You were taken advantage of. Please help us put an end to this. I have tons and tons of proof that Ally is not her daughter.

    8. Ruth, I beg of you to please get your daughter some help! One the the children she’s claiming as her own is in fact my daughter! I lost my daughter Kai-Lynn due to injuries sustained in a house fire almost a year ago. It makes me sick to my stomach seeing and knowing that your daughter is trying to pose as my daughters mother and trying to benefit and gain sympathy from people from a tragedy that happened to me and my family. Anybody can Google either my name Tiffanie Burcham or MY daughters name Kai-Lynn McMullin and learn plain as day the true story. When this was all brought to my attention last night it was like I was reliving it all over again. Please do not feed into her lies and try to cover up for her when I’m sure you know very well that what she is doing is wrong and very much disturbing.

      1. Tiffanie, I just sent you an email. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I want to do an update on Ines and include Kai-Lynn’s story. I’m hoping we can somehow get Ines to stop this. I know she’s causing a lot of families a great deal of pain.

  6. Charlotte is my niece & Bethany Marsh is my sister. She stole over 1,000 pictures of my niece. She needs to be in prison for digital kidnapping.

  7. Unfortunately, monsters like this exist because they are sick. And they need help. It’s so easy to deceive people online, form relationships, fall in love with an image – an image that’s a lie. Taking advantage of someone who is already emotional is terrible. I hope this woman is stopped, and soon! She needs serious help. I hope Ruth sees the truth and is able to trust again!

  8. I’m not convinced that the 2015 memorial was really created by Ruth. Can you confirm that the “Ruth” you’ve been communicating with isn’t just another sock puppet? The cancelling right before you met, etc, has all the markings of a catfish.

    1. I totally agree, the 2015 memorial might have been written by Mary/Ines. The quote from Mary at the bottom and the lack of any mention of Ruth’s biological daughter makes me suspect that very much.

      I do know the person I was talking with on Sunday evening was Ruth. I got in touch with her in a way that made me confident of her identity, although I don’t want to reveal it out of respect for Ruth’s privacy.

      She was very enthusiastic about going to lunch with me. We talked for quite a while. In the morning, she had changed her mind. When I saw the message I received from Ines, I assume she talked Ruth out of meeting me.

      1. She could never be adopted because her mother as long as I know was alive in Portugal. Ines Mary…was arrested in Portugal today again by using another child’s picture as her’s. Actually I’m in shock we used to be friends at first year Ines had a very elaborated mind for stories and plays she was a bit spoiled but a normal child once my sister saw her and told me she showed her pictures of her little girl that died and I told her it couldn’t be possible because I’ve never heard she had children. I don’t know what happened to this girl to become this but I’m deeply sorry because something really wrong might happened…

  9. What a tangled web, as a mother I can only offer my condolences to the women who have been hurt by this unthinkable farce. Why hurt a family already struggling to keep a strong face for their ailing child? Shame on you, Ines.

  10. That lady is one sick puppy. I knew somebody on the net a long, long time ago. She was supposed to be pregnant with twins, then triplets, then she lost the triplets, then she was run over and had both legs broken by a drunk driver. It went on and on. She was mentally ill and probably couldn’t help it.

  11. I wish the creators of this page had gotten permission from the moms to use screenshots of private messages. I never gave any of these moms to use my name or screenshot, nor do I know how they got it, as I never spoke with them personally. After this woman sent me these messages, I had to take some extreme measures to ensure my child and family were protected. We left the church we were attending because of the connection to Ruth. We installed a security system. We started screening each and every person that likes her page. I’m glad you’re exposing her, but maybe think of the victims you are exposing as well.

    1. Alyssa, I sent you an email, but I’ll also apologize here. I should have cropped that image to block out your name. I’m really sorry. It’s now fixed, and I edited your name on this post to remove your last name.

  12. I know Ally, this woman is a fraud, do not add her to your groups or friend her, set your photos to only be seen by friends….
    This woman is nuts… DO NOT under any circumstances add her.

  13. Just a reminder that I do moderate the comments on here, and I limit ones with name-calling and stuff like that. I know people are angry, but attacking Ines in the comment section really won’t do any good. She knows what she’s done, we know what she’s done; let’s spread the word and hope that she’ll face some sort of repercussion in Portugal.

  14. Do not be fooled by my name – Hehe. I, too, am from Portugal and Inês Rocha has friended me before, and unfriended me when she found out I (and the whole childhood cancer community knew the truth). It is absolutely clear the photos she uploads are stolen and it’s her facebook alone is a huge red flag. You don’t even have to talk to her to understand it. I am the president of a non-profit organization – a real one, for the matter – and I have met Rodrigo and his mommy in the Oncology Institute of Oporto, where Inês Rocha used to visit him and bring him toys. He is such a lovely little boy, full of energy and a joy to be hugged by. I think it’s not even human to share online that Rodrigo died of leukemia. It makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks for exposing her. If you guys need any help, I can help, since I probably live in the same city as her and go to the Oncology Institute to visit families quite oftenly… Let’s see whose photos she’s gonna steal next.

    1. She stole my grand daughters photos that died from a house fire Feb. of 2015. It is bad enough that my family had to go through the tragedy, of losing such a sweet, innocent little girl that had her whole life ahead of her. Now, not even a year later, we are finding out that this woman has stole my daughter’s identity of being the mother of my deceased grand daughter. This woman needs to be stopped so no other mother or family is subject to go through what we all have been through with her.

      1. Laura, I sent Tiffanie an email. I am so sorry for the loss of your granddaughter. We are doing what we can to get Ines to stop. I know this is horribly painful to see Kai-Lynn’s story used like this, and I’m so sorry that Ines is causing your family even more pain.

  15. This is hands down one of your best posts. I hope the families can wrap this whole mess up soon and move on with their lives. I hope the best for Ruth as well. Thinking about my 87-year-old grandma, a widow for 16 years who has only one (unmarried) child living near her, she’d probably do the same thing. It’s got to be difficult to question what your daughter has been telling you for so long.

  16. I think the aspect of this story that concerns me most is the poorly little boy and his family that she met, took photos with and claimed him as her own sick son.

    There’s a certain type of acceptance/forgiveness I feel when someone poses/pretends to know someone sick that they have never known or met. The detachment – although not an excuse nor explanation – gives a bit of leeway for forgiveness. There’s only so much attachment or personal, conscious feeling a person can have from a photograph, like in most of the stories on here.

    But to actually meet and hold a little boy fighting a tremendously brave and difficult fight and his family who must’ve expressed gratefulness and relief that people like Ines were so caring and horrificly abuse their situation for their own sick pleasure (for want of a better word), is downright unbelievable.

    I hope the little boy and his family can still find it in their hearts to trust the volunteers who really do genuinely care and wish to help.

    Can I ask if Ines is receiving any kind of mental health assistance after this? Is the hospital the little boy is in aware of the deceit?

  17. I am seeing more and more cases like this online – it’s scary. Wondering if this is a new epidemic created by the internet age. It’s hard to know whether these people are sick, evil or both. Whatever is making them do this, I hope so much they can get help. The saddest thing is that most of them never seem to be able to admit even to themselves that they are lying, and they can’t be helped as they won’t admit it to anyone else.
    I’d be very interested in what Marc Feldman had to say about the stealing photos of kids and killing them off online… seems like a really crazy morphing of munchausen’s by proxy.

  18. The daughter that she’s claiming to have lost due to burns is NOT her daughter!! Kai-Lynn is MY daughter and I did lose her due to severe burns sustained in a house fire on February 21, 2015. You can look up my name Tiffanie Burcham or MY daughters name Kai-Lynn McMullin and see plain as day that this crazy bitch is obviously a very sick and twisted individual!!!

  19. After reading this I’m sickened!!! Kai-lynn was a young beautiful 5 year old girl who died due to a fire.. She was not your daughter!!! I know this for a fact!!! I knew that vibrant little girl.. How someone can use other peoples pictures and pass them off as their own is beside me!!! Rip our Angel Kai-lynn… We all love and miss you beautiful!!! I pray she realizes how much she has hurt others using the pictures of children who have either passed away, or making up stories about them for attention!!! She definitely has some mental problems!!!

  20. She is now going as Maria Amorim Mora. She has now claimed she had a daughter commit suicide 2 days ago. She is one sick individual. All of this was just on the news.

  21. I am an admin of Mommas of Heart Angels fbook group. I added her but deleted her a few hours later after I was sent this. This makes me sick. The profile she joined with was under Maria Ines Rocha. She told me her son Rodrigo passed away in May 2015 of a couple congenital heart defects.

  22. Just found her in my circle of heart moms. She has a profile named Maria Ines Rocha and is claiming to have a child with Congential Heart Disease. I believe she is a member of the Heart Mamas group on Facebook…probably to steal pictures….

  23. I am so sorry to all the mothers who have had their tragedies abused in such a manner. I really am. I understand why she said “hunt to hell”, it’s exactly where she’s headed (if she is doing this knowingly for personal gain). I feel sorry for the wasted life of lies she’s living. All these babies taken from their mothers and this woman walking around breathing just fine..unfair to say the least. I can see the desperaty in a couple comments and its very clear the author if those. Sad. You’re not fooling anyone. Go GENUINELY help, be there for people who need comfort, and boast about that work and dedication. People will love you and the children. They will support you and help aide you in their happiness. It will be much more rewarding than this fake, hurtful, disturbing way you’re looking for it now.

  24. She now has a page under maria ines rocha. She’s holding a picture of a baby. She’s trying to friend people in the CHD community.

  25. That name Dani Marie sounds very familiar to me, I think she has tried to contact my daughter on her fb page I set up during her cancer fight. She kept asking questions about where we lived, what grafe she was in, etc. I blocked her immediately!

  26. It actually sickens me to no nothing has actually been done about it yet…. what more proof do you need really?? Is there not enough evidence… If she was in Georga shw would be on death row by now for this kind of behaviour. Mentally sick in the head and the fact its still being left to go on is an actual joke. the government and the society is failing miserably! Facebook is even worse for allowing it! This needs to stop and the law needs to get a bit tighter sharpish before it goes to far. and im sorry to sound like an ass hear but ruth you not getting her help is only making it worse weather ur trying to protect her or not and if you ask me I think your the same person anyway trying to fight your own corner but loosing. will only be a certain amount of time before you snap and show your true colours because it seems by the screen shots your a short fused woman who end up getting spiteful in the end anyway. if ruth is an actual person I apologize but I also think you may need some help because you don’t seem to notice she needs the help. she needs to be locked up for a while im sorry to say it but she does im just saying it as it is…

  27. Being a mom of a special needs kiddo facing unique obstacles I can only imagine the pain this situation has put the moms who are REALLY taking care of their sick or injured babies. I do agree that this person needs help mentally. To cause pain to people already hurting and worried crazy about their baby is not normal. Ruth, stay safe. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories to folks like you and me who do anything for our special needs kids and don’t need anymore stress caused by theft of our pictures or of the struggles we face daily.

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