The San Roman Sham

Kevin and Lucas San Roman were two spectacularly handsome brothers who lived in Spain.  Although Lucas was suffering from cancer, both brothers managed to friend and have online relationships with several teenage girls in the Miami area.  Lucas tragically died and his Facebook friends worked to comfort his brother Kevin.

Of course it turns out that the San Roman brothers were a figment of someone’s imagination.  Check out this great Miami Herald article by David Ovalle to see who was behind this story.  Hint: the real “San Roman brother” followed around his teenage Facebook friends in real life.  Creepy creepy.

David Ovalle also started a blog to share further details about the San Roman Sham.  It’s worth a read, particularly for the details of how this person followed and stalked these teenagers.

BlogHer Article

Here’s an article from BlogHer with an interview with Tertia Loebenberg Albertyn from So Close about the whole “Eli” mess.

A quote from Tertia in the article:

But when I read about the fundraising efforts and all the outpouring of love and sympathy for the little boy who had cancer, I got angry. Really angry. Because stealing my kids images and pretending that my kids belong to someone else is one thing, but playing on the emotions of thousands of people is totally unacceptable. That made me furious. Childhood cancer is my biggest fear. To trivialize it in that way, to use it as a hoax sickened me. I wanted to stop that straight away.