Coming Attractions

We’ve decided as a group to expand our focus a little. Instead of just looking into people who are faking illness, we’d now love to hear from you about all kinds of internet hoaxes. Is someone claiming to be a celebrity and you have questions? Do you have questions about the authenticity of a blogger or a Facebook page? Have an online boyfriend who is too good-looking to be true? We’d love to hear from you at

Also, we’re working on updates about the people who have appeared on our blog in the past. If you have questions for any of them, please post in the comments.

We’re going to do a Questions and Answers post in the next few weeks, so if you have questions about the blog, our methods or anything else, please post away.

(Comments are moderated and won’t be posted for this entry, but if you leave an email, we’ll let you know we received them).

Thanks again for reading.

Interview with The Hairpin

I really enjoyed this interview I did with The Hairpin’s Molly Shalgos.

We updated the list of news stories about the Warrior Eli blog.  If anyone remembers one I forgot, please let me know.  It feels like the blog has been around much longer than nine months at this point!

There will be a Chelsea Hassinger update tomorrow afternoon.

As always, send any suspicious blogs, Facebook pages, Tumblrs or Twitter feeds to

Last of all, big thanks are in order to our readers.  I’m consistently amazed at the lack of drama and meanness in our comment section.  We very much appreciate the sympathy and understanding that’s been extended to both the victims and the hoaxers.  I was always concerned about running a hate blog and it’s been great to see that, despite a controversial subject that could have turned very ugly, that hasn’t happened.