Warrior Eli Hoax on Anderson Live

Taryn Wright will be appearing on Anderson Live tomorrow talking about Munchausen by Internet and online hoaxes.

Here’s more information about the episode and here’s where you can check your local listings to see when the show airs in your local area.

It should be an interesting show so please tune in!

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Is Justis Kerry Missing?

It’s a terrifying story.  A twelve year old in Louisiana has been missing for four days after disappearing in his middle school uniform.  His mom, miles away, is understandably upset and shares his picture on Facebook.  The post went viral as people passed along the information.  Who doesn’t want to bring a missing child back home to his family?


I talked to several different police departments in the area and they assured me there is no missing boy named Justis Kerry.  This is a hoax.

EDIT: Jessica has deleted the original post.