Updates on Antranette Nolan and Chelsea Hassinger

Manny Munoz, the founder of Gamerosity, received another request out of Memphis, TN for a child to be added to the site’s Wall of Heroes and to receive a donation from the charity.

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A few hours later, he got a second email requesting an update as to when “Annabelle” would be added to the wall.  Since this was the exact same thing Antranette Nolan did when she tried to add “Emily” to the site, Manny was suspicious.

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It turns out he had reason to be.  “Annabelle’s” mother has the same cell phone number as the fake Emily.  Antranette Nolan was at it again.

I contacted Antranette at the phone number she gave Gamerosity.  At first she denied it but then admitted that she had indeed made up cancer patient Annabelle as well as Emily.

Antranette wrote an apology email to Manny Munoz.  He was gracious enough to share his reply with me.


This CAN’T happen again. Don’t make me cynical, don’t make me suspicious of EVERY child that comes through the site. They don’t deserve it.

There are REAL KIDS with REAL ISSUES that we’re trying to help. How can you make something so POSITIVE becomes so NEGATIVE? A 17 year old boy that’s extremely close to our heart is on the verge of dying RIGHT NOW because Leukemia has overtaken his body and you think it’s a game?! This is not a game, this isn’t a joke. We bring care packages to kids to take their mind off the fact that they can’t keep a meal down, or to distract them from the needle that’s going in their back injecting them with chemotherapy… this is REAL STUFF. That’s why we do it.

There’s other platforms to receive the attention you need, Gamerosity and any other childhood cancer platform is NOT one of them. I’m sorry about the devastating losses of your parents and a loved one around you, it’s hard to come back from that, but there are programs that can help you. Taryn pointed you in the direction of one as well as providing a FREE session, I suggest you take her up on that offer. Nobody is judging, and they may offer a way for you to constructively navigate this life without stealing from children.

We have records of everything, we will hang on to them. We cannot see any more fraud coming your way from here on out in any of the childhood cancer communities. We’re all closely knit and work together to ensure the right people are being loved and cared for. Please don’t help us build a case.”

Unfortunately, Antranette also reached out to someone else trying to scam donations.  The father of Super Sammy, a three year old neuroblastoma patient, was Facebook friends with Antranette when she was claiming her daughter Emily was sick.  The day after Antranette’s exchange with Manny, Danny Johnson received a Facebook message from Antranette.




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So, there you have it.  “Emily” was misdiagnosed with cancer and Antranette is still trying to raise money online.  After Danny Johnson sent her the link to this blog and told her he was on to her, Antranette AGAIN apologized and promised she’d never do it again.  Her new page was deleted.

Moving on, we’ve had several readers sent us the link to this blog, Taryn Wright is Wrong.  It’s a blog written by someone claiming to be Chelsea Hassinger who says our blog entries about her are untrue and fabricated.  After this blog came to our attention in March, I contacted Chelsea and she denied writing it.  She was very concerned that someone was trying to give me more material for blog entries about her.  I told her to report the blog as fake and she did.

Then, in April, I received this letter from a lawyer claiming to represent the family of Chelsea Hassinger.




Very intimidating, but it turns out, there’s no lawyer by that name liscensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.  In fact, there’s no law firm by that name either.  When I called the number listed on the header, I got the voice mail of a man doing a very convincing British accent saying I had reached the law firm of Hargold, Gormann and Beckinridge and for me to leave a message after the tone.  I did, but I’ve never heard back from this lawyer.  The number has now been disconnected.

The address of the “law firm” is a building that houses no legal offices.

Chelsea also denies being the person behind this.  She says she’s discussed it with her family and they are pursuing an investigation into who is assuming her identity in order to give me more material to write about.

The letter was mailed from Pennsylvania, and Chelsea lives down south, so her story checks out that she’s at least not the one who mailed it.

Since the letter from “the attorney” and the Taryn Wright is Wrong blog tell basically the same story, the same person might be responsible for both.

We still stand by the entries written about Cheecha Kicks Cancer, including the apology written by Chelsea wayyy back in March.

Every one of these hoaxes has strange elements, but this one has definitely been the strangest.

Again, I want to say I’m not saying Chelsea sent this letter or wrote the blog.  I have no proof one way or the other, and I am taking Chelsea’s word that she did not.

31 thoughts on “Updates on Antranette Nolan and Chelsea Hassinger”

  1. I wonder if Chelsea is facing loss of her custodial rights? Some of the stuff in that blog suggest that issue is foremost in her mind. I have felt sorry for many of the hoaxers exposed here, but Chelsea is not one of them. I do feel very sorry for her family, though.

    1. In a weird way, it makes me wonder if it’s someone trying to bait her? There’s a blog that’s very against this site, and it posts many things, but seems to be filled with, “you can’t find everything on the internet, how do you know someone who’s confessed to the crime is actually someone else faking to be the scammer?” I almost wonder if they were trying to see if Taryn would remove the posts just so they could turn around and claim Taryn didn’t do enough research/isn’t that great at detective work?

  2. The letter looks convincing, but a lawyer would know that neither PA nor IL are in the 9th Circuit(they are in the 3rd and 7th, respectively.) I do not practice law and I know this.

  3. I’d like to note that there was a famous hoax in the pre-internet days, in which the woman involved mailed letters from all over the world claiming to be a variety of different people. I don’t think it was ever determined how exactly she did it, but I could see an individual like Heather, who has many online identities and is probably in communication with people in different parts of the country, getting someone to mail it for her in that city. I don’t think that would be especially difficult. For that matter, Chelsea could have done the same, but it seems like it’s Heather who is the one keeping this all going.

  4. This has come from someone who has commented on your blog previously. It seems like they want to teach you a lesson, one they have likely harped on ad nauseum.
    Even using Chelsea’s case is telling, because it received such a high number of lively responses in the comments.
    Also telling is the man with the bad British accent. They are not doing this alone and seem to have gone to great lengths to sound legitimate.
    This person has also been an avid reader of your blog at the very least, because they know checking IP’s is something you do all of the time and not just for isolated cases, hence the letter they have sent in order to avoid Internet trails.
    Whoever used this same platform previously, and likely used very similar wording in the comments, will not be showing up to gloat. They will lurk hoping to see other commenters agree with the point they are trying, and subsequently failing, at making.
    Look in the comments for a frequent commenter whose tone changed slightly around the time you received the letter and whose IP address has been logged on this entry, but has uncharacteristically not commented on it. That should give you the culprit or point you in the right direction.
    You might also find this link interesting considering the letter you received:

    1. Brittni, I was doing some googling and saw that exact same letter myself. Just started laughing. I was then yelled at for still being awake, was asked to at least turn down the brightness of my screen, and subsequently kicked out of bed when I refused. Now I’m freezing in my kitchen, but it’s so, so worth it, to laugh over this.

      1. I knew that had to be somewhere online based on the language. It’s such a ripoff of that it’s damn near sad.

  5. Did you staple that letter? Business letters aren’t stapled.

    Just curious, what would you do if you did get sued or brought to court?

    1. I can’t even tell you how many lawyers I’ve consulted with since the blog began. I have legal plans in place in case something like that happens.

      1. Lawyers that were sicced on you or lawyers you voluntarily contacted? When I ran an anti faking community, I never spoke to a lawyer. I spoke to the police once when someone was seriously threatening suicide.

        1. I’ve spoken to the police a few times, unfortunately. I tend to be pretty careful when it comes to legal issues, so I consulted with an attorney on the first day I started the blog. Since then, I’ve consulted with others because of legal issues that came up. Lucky for me I have a lot of friends who are lawyers 😉

  6. Also, a lawyer would likely sign his name with a black ink pen, not blue. Females tend to reach for blue in the legal department. Just a note from 10th grade legal letter typing.

    1. A lawyer would use a blue pen to distinguish between a photocopy and the original. My lawyer insist that all documents are signed in blue ink.

  7. This is sad…. Antranette Nolan had a Twitter page that consisted of her asking people to “help her” meet Rihanna, and the reason why has nothing to do with things normal people would say she LISTS every illness in her family, everyone that died, and includes bullying to top it off. She sees others with cancer and those that have suffered serious bullying incidents to get attention, she doesn’t even hide the fact she things she should meet Rihanna because she has a hard life. It’s truly weird, twisted, and very very sad. I truly feel sorry for her. She definitely needs some help there. http://twitition.com/gg7uq <—– that is the Twitter page about meeting Rihanna.

    1. Antranette is really messed up. Asking for money to pay your bills directly is less embarrassing than making up dying kids and getting caught every time.

    1. Thanks Genie. Sadly Antranette’s Mother Rose did die of breast cancer in March. The site you mention from January was a legitimate fundraising effort.

      1. Oh my goodness, I got the dates wrong…I knew she had died and thought it was long before that. I’m so sorry.

    1. Yikes–she has over 1700 “likes”. I scrolled down that page to January. She was posting about her daughter Rose early this year, and then switched the focus to her mother. I understand that grief can affect people in odd ways. I really hope this woman gets the help that she needs.

  8. I guess they don’t have spellcheck enabled on their computer either, otherwise, ‘seperate’ would have been standing out (even now, it just autocorrected and I had to go back and change it).

    I wonder, if whoever is behind this and the Taryn is wrong site… is someone that Chelsea defrauded, and was pushed over the deep edge and trying to punish her?

  9. Also…having gone back and re-read all of the comments on all of the Chelsea posts (even though I’m sure you’ve already done this), I couldn’t help but notice the glaring similarities to this comment and the Taryn is wrong site.:

    As well as this message you posted and the letter:

    Also…”Be advised that the money we seek would be substantial.” HAHAHAHAHAHA. “I’m gonna sue you for a billion trillion dollars!”

    The writing style to the Wrong site alone pretty much lends itself as evidence. I’ve since forgotten some of the other comments now, but they easily read like the site.

    That being said. If the real Chelsea is in GA, and this attorney letter came from PA, which is where Chelsea ‘Goldberg’ lived… my guess is that it is, in fact, Chelsea, or even Heather. I don’t remember where Heather lived, though.

    And lastly, a side note… I’m sadly disappointed in the title name. If they were going for flare, they should have tried simply “Wright is Wrong” or even “Taryn Harper Wrong.” Forgive me if I just gave someone else fodder.

    I’m blathering. It’s late. Sorry.

  10. Chelsea Goldberg claimed to be residing in Pennsylvania. I’ve looked through the warriorelihoax website and that’s stated here too.

  11. I’m jealous! That’s awesome!! Eric Hites has told a few people he was going to file a Federal restraining order against me. I sent AEP Media my full address so they could serve me with papers.

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