2 thoughts on “Nightline Segment on Jason Taylor Martinez and Julian Baker”

  1. I think what you are doing (and help from others) is a very great benefit to those who donate online since you let others know who real and who is fake. As for people getting hateful about what you do, or with the ones faking is wrong. Those who fake the illness some are really mentally ill and need help, while there are others who are in it for the money. If just one person gets the help they need because of mental illness, it would have been worth it, even though they were exposed in their scam. Those who are faking it for the money would deserve jail time and should be made pay back the money they scammed, however; those truly sick with a mental illness deserves to receive treatment to help them overcome why they feel the need for attention in that way of faking illness. You and your team are doing an excellence job, thank you for all your hard work in letting others be informed of scams.

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