Update on Ines Rocha/Mary Amorim

Unfortunately, Ines Rocha is still stealing pictures of children who have battled serious illnesses and pretending they are her own.  Last week, she posted this picture of Ally Kastrat next to a picture of herself as a toddler, implying that Ally is her “mini me.”


A few days later, she let her followers know that Ally was battling yet another medical malady.





Obviously, Ally’s family is incredibly upset about this.  Ally battled osteosarcoma and has been in remission for two years.  Seeing Ally’s picture next to a horrific diagnosis is very painful for her mom.

You’ll notice that Ines has also started putting a watermark on the pictures she’s stolen.

Ines’ profile has been reported to Facebook many, many times.  She’s been reported to the police in her town in Portugal.  She’s been exposed here and people who know her in real life have been informed about what she’s doing online.  Hopefully, someone will step in soon and stop her from doing this kind of thing.

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  1. Deeply sorry for the families who, while already fighting the most awful of battles, have to contend with this. I hope she’s stopped.

    1. Meaning Ally is actually Ines’ daughter? No, the real Ally’s pictures were definitely stolen. I’ve seen her actual mother’s Facebook account, complete with videos with her mom.

    2. Realllyyyy? how do you think she got it all wrong?? I personally know Ally and her REAL family. Ally also posted a video saying that this woman is NOT her mother. Ally has been cancer free for 2 years!!! Also Gabby she hasn’t posted ONE photo with her and Ally together!!! Not one!!

      1. Nick, so glad to hear that Ally is cancer-free – she and her (real) mom seem lovely from the little I’ve seen on FB following this lunatic’s steps around the internet. I hope all is smooth sailing for them from now on.

    3. Seriously? You are ridiculous. ALLY is my cousin. Her mom is NICHOL not Ines. How sad that this woman needs to continue to steal images of people’s children who are sick and make up even worse stories just to get the attention of her followers. What a sick individual. Nichol has videos WITH ALLY showing that she’s Nichol’s daughter and that this woman Ines is a liar and a stalker. I’m just still surprised that no one can do anything to Ines to make her stop.

  2. When someone had suggested I watermark charlotte’s pics, she did the same thing. I’m so sorry about ally. Ines is a crazy nut and she WILL get what’s coming to her.

  3. I know she’s from Portugal, not Spain, but I guess it was the 9/11 “connection” that immediately made me think of “Tanya Head” (Alicia Esteve Head), “The Woman Who Wasn’t There.” (https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/the-woman-who-wasnt-there-the-true-story-of-an-incredible-deception-by-robin-gaby-fisher-and-angelo-j-gugliemo-jr/2012/04/20/gIQAVFMQWT_story.html)

    I was one of the many who was completely fooled by “Tanya” (Alicia), and I kicked myself for years afterwards, going over all of the inconsistencies and things that “just didn’t add up,” that were plain as day in hindsight, but which I just glossed over at the time.

    No one who has been affected by one of these fakers will ever be the same again, which is good in some ways but also bad. But I’m grateful for this blog and for all that you do to bring awareness to this issue. Thank you.

  4. I know the real Ally and her family in the US. Thank you for uncovering the frauds. May God bless these families and children who are experiencing illness.

  5. Just a heads up: she is now going by Maria Ines Rocha and claiming that her son “Rodrigo” died of CHD. Here is her new Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/nocas2009

    She also apparently joined the Facebook group “Suicide Prevention and Survivors Support- Messages For Hope” under the name Mary Amorim Kirsch, but that profile appears to have been deactivated.

    You may already be aware of this, but thought I would share just in case!

  6. She has now made her way to the heart community. One of our heart mommies discovered the original blog and brought it to our attention and we shared it like wild fire. Thank you to everyone who has put in their time and efforts.

  7. I posted this on Facebook and Im going to post it here as well:
    Well.. I live in Portugal almost on the same street as she does. She is all over the news right now because she still claims she is the mother of that portuguese little boy and she went as far as buying a tombstone with his picture and put it at the local graveyard… the boy is alive and is not her son! She is twisted… Im so sorry for all those people who were affected by this…

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